Anderson Motorsport Dynojet Chassis Dyno

Expert Chassis Dyno Tuning Services offered at Anderson’s Chassis Dyno. The team of build, engine, and tuning specialists with over 30 years of experience are available for:

  • Dyno tuning
  • Holley Carburetor Tuning on your Hot Rod, Street or Road Racing Car by Ron Anderson, NMRA World Champion & NHRA Division Champion
  • Dyno Tuning with Diablo Sport Tuning System and SCT Software
  • Baseline pulls
  • Club dyno available
  • Horsepower/torque measurements
  • All-day rental
  • Capable of 2,000 horsepower (hp)

Call 888-868-2244 for additional information

Located in the heart of the Midwest and Central Illinois with equal driving distances from Chicago and St. Louis, ANDERSON CHASSIS DYNO TUNING offers a proven track record with our 2,000-hp DynoJet dyno meter.

ANDERSON MOTORSPORT has over 30 years of experience tuning cars and motorcycles at the drag strip and on the street, before the 2000-hp DynoJet was purchased and installed in 1996!

To date, we have made over 22,000 dyno pulls on the AFM DynoJet.

Here Is How to Get Your Car Dyno Tuned!
STEP 1. Call us today at 888-868-2244 .

We will help set up a time with you for your Dyno Tuning session. We may get some preliminary information from you about your engine configuration to help us make sure your vehicle has the correct equipment to make the horsepower you are looking for on the dyno and the track — no matter if it is supercharged, Nitrosoxide injected, or naturally aspirated.

STEP 2. Bring your vehicle to our Dyno location here in Clinton, IL at your scheduled time. We will again review with you what your goals are and install the vehicle on our AFM DynoJet Chassis Dyno.

STEP 3. Our tuners will then use state-of-the-art engine test equipment and automotive tuning software to thoroughly test and tune your vehicle for optimum and safe performance.

STEP 4. When our tuners are finished dyno tuning your BEAST, we will show you your vehicle’s peak power and torque, as well as recommend your best shift point. We will also provide you with a Dyno graph printout from the best dyno pull with the vehicle’s tune and specifications.

So, we ask before you take your pride and joy to just any dyno shop to check out our experience first! We feel you will find that our years of knowledge on tuning all types of vehicles is hard to surpass. Do not delay; call today!