Anderson Motorsport Performance Installation Center

Mechanic Diagnostics
Don’t trust your Ford motorsport performance installation to just anyone in the Bloomington area. Allow the Ford performance techs at Anderson Ford to do it right to maximize your results! We have been modifying Ford cars and trucks since 1988, so you know we have the experience to enhance your motorsport model. From a simple header to all-out supercharger installs, get in touch and we can take care of your needs.

What Can Anderson Ford Do for You?

When it comes to performance motorsports, Anderson Ford has you covered in the Decatur area. We have a unique Motorsport Parts Department, where you can pick out specific components you prefer to enhance your car. From there, our build, engine, and tuning specialists conduct the performance installation on site.  Specifically, we provide Dyno tuning services, including baseline pulls, horsepower/torque measurements, Holley carburetor tuning, and more. Our Ford-factory-trained performance technicians are second to none and promise to provide the best performance motorsports models possible. They take the guesswork out of modifying your EFI Ford with their experience on the track and Ford factory training.

About Ford Performance

Ford Performance is the motorsport and high-performance division of the Ford Motor Company. In terms of motorsport, in particular, Ford Performance includes the following:

  • Stock car racing
  • Ford GT racing
  • Road racing
  • Drag racing
  • Rally
  • Drifting
  • Off-road racing

Want to push yourself to the level of Ford Performance? Take your performance motorsports to the next level at Anderson Ford!