Are You Looking to Buy a Stage 2 Roush Mustang?

Tired of settling for the same-old boring, mundane, and bland commute? Perhaps you are interested in unleashing your wild side via one of the most impressive and powerful sports cars found in Clinton? Then now is the time to expand your horizons (and get the adrenaline flowing) with a Stage 2 Roush Mustang from Anderson Ford.

As the most trusted name in Roush Mustang sales in the Clinton IL area, you can count on our friendly and inviting staff of Ford and Roush experts to guide you through each step of this process and help you learn a little more about the perfect Roush Mustang for you. To get the ball rolling on this exciting endeavor, go ahead and spend a few minutes with us as we break down all of the info you need to know about the Stage 2 Roush Mustang and why this performance-driven offering deserves a spot both at the top of the automotive world and in every true gearhead’s garage.

Unbridled Performance That Is Sure to Excite
Odds are if you are reading about the Stage 2 Roush Mustang right now, you want to get right to the point of the conversation and find out exactly what this sports car is packing under the hood. Fortunately, the various Mustangs that comprise this illustrious group and earn a place of distinction on our showroom floor go above and beyond all expectations on this front in a major way.

So just what does the Stage 2 Roush Mustang offer up to those in Clinton who really want to put the pedal to the metal? How about access to Ford’s formidable 5.0-liter (L) V8 and the Roush styling and suspension package, which both come together to push out an impressive 460 horsepower (hp).

Of course, unleashing the power of Ford’s 5.0-L V8 engine onto the streets of Clinton is far from the only way the Stage 2 Roush Mustang differentiates itself from the competition and pushes the boundaries of performance. Specifically, getting behind the wheel of this premium Mustang also means tapping into the benefits that come with the following Roush core upgrades and components:

  • 20-inch (in.) Quicksilver Wheels with Continental ExtremeContact Sport Tiresi
  • Hood Heat Extractors
  • Performance One-Way Coilover Suspension System (adjustable height)
  • RS2 Strut Tower Brace
  • Front Aero Pockets and Wheel Aero Aids
  • High-Flow Upper Grille with “2” Badge
  • High-Flow Lower Opening
  • Front Chin Spoiler

When paired with the powerful 5.0-L V8 that serves as the core of this class-leading offering, all of these impressive additions come together to send one very clear message: The Stage 2 Roush Mustang does not mess around when it comes to dominating roadways or racetracks around Clinton.

Unveiling the Unique Allure of the Stage 2 Roush Mustang

Is the Stage 2 Roush Mustang waiting for you on our showroom floor one of the most powerful options laid out before you in terms of sports car speed and performance? Most certainly. However, this does not mean the Stage 2 variant of this performance automotive lineage skimps on style or grace for the sake of speed.

To put it simply, the Stage 2 Roush Mustang is as beautiful and appealing as it is powerful. From side body scoops and side stripe graphics that accent the bold and aggressive lines of the Stage 2 design to the blackout rear panel and Roush-branded fender badges and front windshield banner, there is no denying this sports car has a certain predatory appeal to it that evokes themes of aggression, agility, and iconic Roush style.

One you sit down in the cockpit of one of the stylish Stage 2 Roush Mustangs for sale here at Anderson Ford, these themes continue to bombard your senses in full force. Specifically, the confluence of bold leather seats, Roush-branded accessories (embroidered floor mats, door sill plates, etc.), the iconic Roush instrument gauge cluster, and even a center stack full of all your favorite tech features guarantees driving around Clinton in a Stage 2 Roush Mustang is not just about maximizing power and performance, it is also about maximizing your comfort and the enjoyment of your time spent behind the wheel of this premium class leader.

Going the Extra Mile with a Little Extra Customization
If you are the kind of car owner who simply abhors the notion of keeping things stock, then odds are this take on the Mustang is right up your alley. But, did you know that the customization does just end with the base upgrades offered up by the Roush Performance Parts team? In total, the following add-ons and premium features are yours for the taking should you decide to add a little extra style and personalization to your Stage 2 Roush Mustang from Anderson Ford:

  • Convertible-Style Bar
  • “Roush” Trunk-Mounted Tool Kit
  • Polished 20-in. Wheels with Continental ExtremeContact Sport Tires
  • Black 20-in. Wheels with Continental ExtremeContact Sport Tires
  • Forged 20-in. Wheels with Continental ExtremeContact Sport Tires
  • Roush Performance Exhaust System with Quad Tips (prepped for active exhaust)
  • “TrakPaK” Three-Way Roush Coilover Suspension System (adjustable height, jounce, and rebound valving)
  • Low-Gloss Black Rear Decklid Spoiler
  • Extreme-Duty Half Shafts
  • Billet Performance Pedals (manual and automatic transmissions)
  • Six-Speed Shifter Ball
  • Quad-Tip Exhaust with Roush Active Technology
  • Top Performance Stripe Graphic
  • Quarter Window Scoops (black, fastback only)
  • Locking Lug Nuts

Any way you slice it, one simple fact clearly cannot be denied: Ford and Roush are more than willing to offer up a plethora of options for those Stage 2 Roush Mustang owners who want to add a little bit of their own individuality to this unique automotive ownership experience.

Making the Most of Your Daily Drive Starts Now
After diving deeply into all that the Stage 2 Roush Mustang has to offer discerning drivers in Clinton such as yourself, there is really only one question left to ask: Are you ready to get behind the wheel of an exciting Stage 2 Roush Mustang from Anderson Ford and make the most out of your daily drive?

If so, go ahead and give us a call today at 877-525-0861, or stop by our convenient Clinton IL location. Whichever path you choose as you move forward, one of our trusted Roush specialists will be more than happy to help you figure out exactly which premium Roush Mustang meshes perfectly with your unique automotive needs and demands.