Getting to Know the Roush Difference with Anderson Ford

Looking to get a little better acquainted with the hottest performance vehicles in Clinton? Then you have come to the right place. As the leading name in Roush Mustangs and F-150s in the greater Clinton IL region, it is safe to say the performance automotive team here at Anderson Ford knows a thing or two about taking your daily drive to the next level with a breathtaking, new high-octane offering from the engineers over at Roush.

With this in mind, feel free to join us as we delve into all of the finer points of this outstanding confluence of race-inspired Ford vehicle upgrades and timeless style. After doing this, and learning a little more about the Roush lineage and your options on this front, we have no doubts it will not be long before you are heading over to meet with the team here at Anderson Ford and getting behind the wheel of a Roush Mustang or F-150 of your own.

The Roush Story: A History of Excellence
The best way to kick this conversation off is by giving you an insider’s look into the storied history and unyielding commitment to automotive excellence of the Roush Performance Products organization. The story begins with Jack Roush, noted NASCAR team owner and founder of the Roush Fenway Racing group, and his obsession with advancing racing engineering and mechanics, hot rods, and anything else that can add a little excitement to the moments when a driver presses down on the accelerator and the rubber meets the pavement.

After spending years within various portions of the automotive industry and the greater racing community, Roush took this passion for performance and created the Roush Performance Products organization in 1995. Designed to develop the most expansive and powerful line of aftermarket performance parts, premium crate engines, and upgraded vehicles, this company offers up the perfect blend of industry-leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts ingenuity, Roush’s legendary vision and status as a racing icon, and the raw manufacturing skills of the almost 2,000 employees of Roush Industries.

In other words, if a Mustang or F-150 proudly sports the “Roush” logo here at Anderson Ford, there should be no doubts that this car or truck is ready and prepared to help you unleash your wild side on the streets of Clinton.

Looking to the future, Roush Performance Products continues to differentiate itself from other members of the specialty vehicle subset of the automotive industry via an unwavering passion for progress, growth, and continued performance excellence. To prove this point, you need to look no further than the constant outpouring of advanced design conceptions, evolved engineering practices, and other trendsetting developments emerging from the company’s Livonia, Michigan, base of operations.

To wrap it all up in one nice, neat, and simple package, all you need to know is this: Scratching your performance itch and blowing right past the competition starts and ends with a Roush Mustang or F-150 from Anderson Ford that taps into the competitive advantage and exhilarating feats of engineering ingenuity of the Roush Performance Parts team.

Turning up the Heat with the Stage 1 Roush Mustang
Now that you have a deeper understanding of the Roush difference and how the impressive commitment to performance engendered by this world-class team can significantly upgrade your time behind the wheel, it is time to get you better acquainted with the various Roush performance vehicle options awaiting you here at Anderson Ford. First up on the list is the Stage 1 Roush Mustang.

While some might see the Stage 1 Mustang as the “entry-level” member of the Roush family, the fact of the matter is that this sentiment could not be further from the truth. With access to the Mustang EcoBoost platform, an efficient (and lightweight) V8 that pumps out up to 310 horsepower (hp) and 320 pound-feet (lb.-ft.) of torque, and Roush body and chassis components that would make any race car proud, there is no denying the Stage 1 Roush Mustang is more than prepared to meet and exceed your performance automotive needs.

Taking Performance to the Next Level with the Stage 2 Roush Mustang
If you are ready to take the next step up the ladder toward ultimate performance and breathtaking speed, then the Stage 2 Roush Mustang is the choice for you. Designed to build upon the grace and power found within the Stage 1 variant, this Mustang offers up even more race-inspired upgrades and the ability to truly revolutionize your time spent on the roads of Clinton.

Digging into the performance side of things, the Stage 2 Roush Mustang from Anderson Ford boasts an overall design built upon the Mustang GT platform, in addition to an awe-inspiring 5.0-L V8 engine. In total, the Stage 2 engine package offers up an impressive 435 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque right from the start. Adding in premium additions, such as the Roush upgraded suspension and chassis components, further cements this Mustang’s position within the upper echelon of the performance automotive world.

Ready to take a closer look at the Stage 2 Roush Mustang? Then go ahead and give the button located below a click for a complete review of this high-octane offering.

Going All the Way with the Stage 3 Roush Mustang
Looking for the ultimate iteration of the American muscle car? Then we have exactly what you are looking for in the Stage 3 Roush Mustang. Of course, you do not have to just take our word for it; a quick look at all that this performance sports car boasts should be more than enough to sway your opinion and ensure you never come to question the raw power of the flagship model of the Roush Mustang family.

In terms of specs, the Stage 3 Roush Mustang does not disappoint. Whether you are drawn in by the “Roushcharged” 5.0-L V8 and its unbelievable 760 hp, the alluring style of this iconic offering, or its R2300 TVS supercharger (which helps put out more horsepower per liter than any other American original equipment muscle car in today’s automotive marketplace), the fact remains the same: The Stage 3 Roush Mustang is a performance auto reserved for only the most serious and skilled drivers in the Clinton area.

For even more info on all that comes with Stage 3 tuning and development, go ahead and check out our complete Stage 3 Roush Mustang breakdown on the other side of the button presented below.

Performance, Power, and Style Are All in High Supply with the Roush F-150
While Roush might be a name that is synonymous with performance-driven Mustangs, the reality of the situation is this leading developer of premium sports cars is far from a one-trick pony. If you are having trouble believing this statement, just spend a few minutes looking over the Roush F-150, and we have no doubts it will not be long before you are singing a different tune.

So just what goes into a Roush F-150 and how does it stand out from other members of the performance truck subcategory? For starters, this beastly pickup offers up access to a host of Roush-specific body components, in addition to a unique aesthetic (found within the Roush body graphics and other add-ons) that sends a very clear message to the rest of the automotive community. Specifically, this message is that raw power and performance are always in style for owners of the enticing Roush F-150.

Ready to take a deeper dive into the particulars of this performance pickup? Then go ahead and click the button located below for a complete guide to Roush’s premium take on America’s favorite truck.

The Shelby Tradition Lives on with the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350
While the Mustang Shelby GT350 from Ford is not necessarily a member of the Roush family of models, this take on the iconic Ford sports car definitely deserves a spot in the conversation for drivers here in Clinton who are looking to drive home in a performance-driven vehicle from Anderson Ford. In fact, this premium offering has more than enough power and interior amenities to wow even the most skeptical of muscle car fans out there.

Specifically, the Mustang Shelby GT350s listed for sale here at Anderson Ford come packed with a 5.2-L eight-cylinder Ti-VCT engine capable of pushing out 526 hp and 429 lb.-ft. of torque, access to Ford’s Mustang TrackApps, a stunning exterior that embodies the iconic Shelby style, and a mountain of other premium features you simply will not find anywhere else. With all of this on its side, it is hard not to view the Mustang Shelby GT350 as one of the leading names in the world of high-end performance vehicles.

Planning Out Your Next Step with the Anderson Ford Team
After reviewing all of the information we have covered here today, odds are you are primed and ready to partake in the performance-driven experience of owning a Roush vehicle of your own. With this in mind, feel free to spend a few minutes browsing our Roush-inspired inventory or give us a call at (888) 715-6476 today. From here, our team of dedicated and highly-trained performance automotive specialists will be more than happen to guide you through the exciting process of buying the Roush Mustang or F-150 that fits seamlessly into both your daily drive and your next time out on the track.